How about a 6* Red Crit lead

I’m sick of Looking for Lopez while doing SR. Please release a 6* F2P red Crit lead.


We have kenny you know Also what’s the reason for a six star crit lead? He already has +36 crit :thinking:

I’m assuming for all red SR stages

We also have Glenn as a command why make others? Variety.

Rose is a red lead that has bonus crit and camouflage ar.

Shes not a crit lead but yes she helps. Its not a crazy request to ask for one we have a crit for all other colors 6*. I’ve wanted the same. At this point we should have one.

Kelly is a good option too. She works fine in SR.

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Reds already have the best crit teams as far as I’m concerned.

Why do you need a 6* lmao just use an epic … I don’t even use a crit lead on red stages and have zero issue autoing it and i don’t have pr toons

Don’t be giving scopley some shytty idea to give us a useless 6* crit lead… 4* crit lead worksjust as good as an epic in sr

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