How 6* Gator should be

Here are my thoughts of what 6* Gator should be like…

Stats:High HP(1700-1900)Decent defence(1400-1500)And for attack(1300-1400).

Special abilty:One enemy gets impaired for 2 turns

Lead skill:All teammates get 24%crit and a medium bonus to item drop chances.
Or specialist skill:Parting shot 11/2 before death cause -30%attack and critical hit.

AR:50% def,attack, crit,And 40%healing and do 275%damage to one enemy and all adjacent.

I don’t know if he’s OP or Underpowered so give your opinion.

Oh and for heal up to 3 teamates or Full team whatever one balances

Nah. If he is a drop, It should be large.

Large drop bonus and +24 Crit for the group.

This would make him a beast :stuck_out_tongue:

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maybe 100 crit for 1 turn.

That way too underpowered gator needs to be op so having hit a lot harder is a lot better also let’s make parting 2 kill the killer not only we’ll you make a god god but your turn parting shit into parting fuck :slight_smile:

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