House of cards offer

Hi there, do you guys still have house of cards offers in the shop? I haven’t got anything for over 2 days… it’s pretty annoying since these are my only chances to get the 300 flushes S cards box. in the same time there’s a bunch of other uninteresting (to me) event related offers (4th of july, battle pass etc…)regenerating several times a day… frustrating


Nope, don’t have any on today. Last time I saw any was yesterday or Thursday, but then again, I am not paying much attention to things I have to pay for…


No worries they will return. … they always do.
It’s the current money maker for them.

post what you need
they will post an offer -1 card

so if u jeed 30 aces, an 9ffer for 29 aces will be in ur store

There will probably be some offers within the last couple days of the event too. Last chance for them to bait people that are close to getting flushes

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