House of cards kings overflow

It is stupid that they’re giving out so many without any way to use them. I raised this in the players council recap thread to see if anything can be done. Surely raising the cap on the amount of epic gear tokens that can be claimed is a simple enough solution.


I agree they are giving too many king card in milestones, the most weird and stupid thing is that they give 20king card for 3 mln milestone instead 200 s class card

And this 20 card dont worth 200 s class card

These king card are a trick to make us feel that we get a lot of reward but we are foold because

We can use kings card only for gear in blackmarket, no trainer no s class, really bad


Yep. Would rather they brought back cards in milestones rewards in lvl ups instead of useless kings we dont need.

Reminds me of the yin yang event with a billion yins and no yangs. A real lack of equilibrium


I have 500 kings and 10s 80 Jack’s and queens and 25 aces they need to give another way to get the damn aces

Some aces in milestones instead of kings would be good. Would get people pushing for milestones as well as rank rewards. As it is I’m going for neither this week

I am waiting till end of event before I cash mine is they might add something towards the end it’s scopley I never know

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For real they could add aces in some of the upper milestones instead of just 10 or 20 king cards for the highest amount


It’s a bit like all those useless extra shards we earned with absolutely no use😔

I need jacks and queens more than anything


i thought that show was cancelled

We can get Lilly, a SClass leader, for free and maybe the 50 refills… rest is payed. Make no mistake they will make aces more available, if u want to have a use for your kings you need to buy the offers with jacks, queens, aces.

We are not speaking of pete or prya s class card but rosita/gentlemen or minerva/davie we lost way to get 6 times 300 s class cards each 3 million in LU for useless king card


Queens and Jacks are way too rare… give us more ways to get them!

@WalkerTexasRanger @TayTron


It’s intentional. They have removed an entire row of rewards for these King cards of which they know are pretty much useless for anyone who is primarily f2p after 100.


Really dried out trainers

Made it so only top rank rewards matter… got Lilly last week so I’m cruising now

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Read the latest Blog. You’ll make use of 600 Kings that you can exchange for Aces!!! Change will kick in in some 14-15 hours

(Some other trade ins show up too, but that’s for Jacks and Queens everybody but me seems to be short on)

Too bad if you didn’t heed my advice before:

Why is there no aces in raid tournament one of the only tournaments I can win solo and u put no aces In here ya go scopley :fu::fu::fu: u are a bunch of :clown_face: :clown_face: :clown_face:

Our prayers have been answered. Scopley just updated the Black Market with more ways to trade in extra Kings! Thank you Lord Kenny for working in mysterious ways!

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