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Display bug. Must click to left of buttons.
Official answer (from support):

Long press for weapon selling

Weapon Locking?

Legendary medals?

Spanish and Russian users crashing/stuck loading in Faction Boss combat

Faction Assault still reseting


Will there be more Barbed Wire and Shirts for the Dwight collection?
Official response:


We have the leaks of new 6s. When will they be availible?
Official response: none


Faction Assault bug. Game resetting
Official response:


Territory bug - overrun with walkers after capturing
Official response:


5 star Wyatt rush broken
Official response:


Hershel’s Farm territory bugged
Official response:

Unofficial response:

* “they refers to Support”


More parts for Dwight’s gun
Official response:


Armory glitch? DT and PK used, but still failing craft
Official response:


why no FA tickets for daily SR?
Unofficial response:

Official response:


Classless move lowering rep gained through raiding

Ok well idk if I am just doing this for my own enjoyment / sanity or if it will actually help people. But I will try to keep it updated with responses from The Team.

Lemme know if I have missed any responses that should be included.


I believe that unofficial response for daily SR is correct. Assault tickets gained are based off of energy spent, and daily SR doesn’t cost energy

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FA bug is also a hot topic where people cant finish the battle.

Several devices cant download latest patch is also one.


Ok. I’ve seen a few post on this. You mean the bug where people get stuck at a stage and it keeps resetting ? I’ll add it to the list


Yupp that one. Good work on this sir! Like it:)


Maybe SR cost 0 energy but in my lvl SR cost one hour or more of my time.
I think it’s the most difficult event from the game


I think it’s unfair that this mode was the only game mode that have no tickets.

Another thing, at my level I think the daily prices from SR should be different than inferior levels.


I agree.
The same prize as level 200 or lower (infinitely easier).
The daily Survival Road it is not matching in any way the difficult/reward system.
I suggested an easy way to fix: to give the same progression at the rewards as in the first levels.


Think they’ve gone the other way I play a few accounts and my elite sr at level 100 starting having same rewards as legendary accounts at 200+ we still get more sr points per completion tho


@mountkay these recaps are great, thank you for doing it. Maybe you could do some digging regarding a lack of legendary medals? Insight when an IOS update will happen so we don’t have to manually click to sell weapons? Thank you!


Did you see this post about weapon selling?

Then someone asks about weapon locking

Idk if I’ve seen anything about legendary medals. I’ll try to see if i can find anything.


Here’s what I found for legendary medals.


I missed this, thanks for finding it. Cheers.




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