Horse power roadmap



Hi just an inquiry to check with those that only take horse power roadmap along with crusin’ and of course the bonuses from raids this is how much tires i gathered until now… And I’d like to see your progress!!


I got half that. Couldn’t hit all the milestones so not enough batteries.


I got this without spendin other thing than time (?. Yeah, i’ll go for Sophia! I knew at the first moment the NoSandyorBrucething for me. Hope you can get your toon before the event finishes.


Curiosity… is the road rage map too hard?


Just horsepower and 140 raid cans


You did road rage. The horse power is the easier one.


140 cans how many tires u got from it i have 60 cans need 2k to be 16k


I missed a map an I’m actually at 17k but can’t be arsed to re screenshot got about 4000 tyres from 140 cans + free energy during raids


Solo raid is fainl event for them im ganna use them .thanks


I have 2k.


For me it was. i could only pass act 1 that’s how i wasted a key and few batteries in the beginning


Wow how did u manage to gather 140 cans?


I war very hard score 150-300k most wars you get a raid can everytime u come in second they build up pretty quickly I still have 290 raid cans left

War is key for the FTP players it’s where u farm all ur cans which allow u to farm gear maps and survivor’s for levelups and hit milestone’s in raids

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