Horse power roadmap ends when?


I know the collection is open for nearly 3 more days, but does anyone know when the road map finishes please? I need to do one more I think to get Beta (didnt have enough cans to raid enough for Sandy).

Many thanks :slight_smile:

On the 14th, all 3 event maps should run a last time.

You didn’t want to search or check your ingame messsges?

Thanks @JB.Scopely :slight_smile:

s1acker6 I don’t keep in game messages as I get too many, and when i tried to search it kept crashing. I looked as much as i could for the information. Please refrain from implying I’m lazy. I asked a polite question thank you.

Have a great day all :slight_smile:

I love how confident you are with your reply! The 3 roadmaps ‘should’ be available one last time :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

It’s the initial information I got, which is being challenging by players on the other thread I dropped it also, and here :wink:

So, to be triple sure of it, I’m enquiring one last time on this front and shall report back.


the in game message says everything end on 14th 8AM UTC.
So to me current RM will run until 13th 8AM UTC and then maybe another one (last one) RM could run from 13th 8AM UTC to 14th 8AM UTC.
the main question is: are we going to have the next Level up + Survival tournament with red keys+ batteries for the 13th RM or not?

@JB.Scopely can you quadruple check please, we need it to be "certain ". K, thanks. :wink:

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I can almost smell you sweating there before posting the triple checked confirmation :rofl::rofl::rofl: @JB.Scopely You know you will be eaten alive here if your competent colleagues manage to screw this up? :sunglasses:

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