Horror! What did you do to the war?!

War is very slow, not possible to play… [Ru] region…

At least you got war available

Than with such “war”, it is better in General without it…

I can’t even enter the war there’s no option so no idea what there doing

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2 minutes is “loading”, spend gold, and war it appears that you have already completed, chat in a constant “connection”…

Lags, lags and again lags… Sometimes we have in our region a latency of round about 8 seconds. Are You (dear Scope) kidding us? When I look at your financial statements… one question: What do you do with our money? seriously! You don’t listen to us. You don’t fix the major bugs. You don’t balance the shitty game. You constantly add bugs, that we had months ago. A very bad server structure.

You have to change something immediatly.

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One of my biggest hitters in my Chilton faction was locked out of the whole war, I felt bad for her she tried everything to get it to show up and had to sit on the sidelines the whole event. :confused:


Yep, cleared her cache too, nothing worked.

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