Horrible Luck as always


So new on this forum after stalking so much. Anyone else have horrible pull luck. Like my faction mates are getting awesome ascendikng pulls or ascending up for glenn. For me I am Mr. Strikeout lol. On weapons, pulls, and ascending to get a good toon. Anyone else living in the bottom of the barrel? Lol


Yup, infamous for having the worst luck possible in my entire faction


I know the feeling damn game is all about luck


Yeah like last good pull was carl. That was right when 6s came. If I didn’t have ty and shiva before 6s Id be in a bad place. Now do have wyatt and maggie bc of the hard work u had to get them. Since that carl pull have been so many wah wah pulls. At this point expecting a dog to pop up with two ducks in each hand and laugh at me O.o


Untill your wallet looks like this on payday from the newest toon

you just are not spending enough to have “bad luck” on pulls.


Yup, bread crumbs here.



Yeah I tend to do the promos for coins lol. Every blue moon I will spend amd even then its low.


Don’t know what my faction mates have. None of them really use a drop lead like me. But some do have more of the F2P legacies. Not the handouts though. Like Ty, Abe, and Carl. None of us seem to have a promo.