Horrible customer support


Faction mate got this response when trying to link his account after getting a new phone. What the hell.


Sucks to see that. I recommend him to get back to them in a week or two since he may only receive automated excuses from CS during the holidays.


Apparently not.


I’m pretty disappointed. Shane said it was a new support team. I had high hopes.


Log in with old phone, make a purchase to prove it’s theirs, show proof, request the “R” word.


No dice in this cSe, old phone was traded in. I am curious if this would work also though.


That’s hilarious! Lmao


Over 60 messages to support and they aren’t budging. Have to have a purchase in the past or they won’t link your account. We just lost a 2 year plus member because he never made a purchase and Scopely won’t link his account up. Beware to the rest of you out there if you are FTP. @kalishane would love to hear your thoughts when you’re back from vacation. Nowhere was this ever stated that it was the new policy. Others have not had to be forced to spend to retrieve an account…


If he does speak another language he may try to switch the language on his device (to French, German, Spanish or Russian)and then contact customer service again in this particular language. I think it is automatically forwarded to an assistant speaking the language which is set on your device

I know that they have a German customer support who was at least for me much more helpful than the English one where i only got standardized replies.


This is very poor customer service, although I have to ask why after playing for 2 years he never linked it to a facebook account? Knowing that’s the only way to lock your account to yourself.

How do Scopely know this isn’t someone trying to gain access to someone else’s inactive account?


Looks like its quittin time for you.

On a side note. Whats the point of our actual player’s account code in game if they can’t retrieve it back to you if you have a screenshot of it?


This person doesn’t have Facebook. Neither do I for that matter. I don’t want one. And as several faction mates have recovered accounts with account codes, roster details, etc. It didn’t seem necessary. Nowhere did they disclose the change in recovery process. I’ll pass on the suggestion on foreign language support.


They absolutely can track down an account from that code. I reported a bug on the forums just a month or two ago and the developer asked for my account code. He found my account and fixed the problem without needing any proof of purchase.


Any other suggestions then since 60 plus messages and same reply over and over?


That code is easily compromised. It used to be part of the bug submission process in the old beta group on Google+. Anyone who submitted a bug would have needed to add their account code to the date/time, version info, and bug description. These reports are viewable to all beta members even today.


Sounds like they need to get rid of it then and turn everyones account into a roaming profile so we have to login with our credentials since apparently the incompetents of the IT here dont seem to understand anything with networking.

This post is probably going to get flagged but it doesnt change anything about what I have said that isnt true or false


I think their support is great. I had to do a factory reset on my device and my account wasn’t linked to Facebook. They helped restore my account within 12 hours, but keep in mind that a large portion of that 12 hours was because I was asleep.


Sorry boss. I didn’t realize you were the forum police. I will delete my comment. In the future I will run all of my replies by you to make sure that you deem them as acceptable.