Horrible CRW matchups


@JB.Scopely This weekend is such a fail. Jeff Davis is one of the most active english regions too. This is from today’s blitz. It’s only been up for 5 hours.


lol i have bell too. its seems that they took over crw xD poor us. i hate crw this trash should be removed from the game


Dekalb here,Yep the japs are smashing us,i think half of the factions in top 10 are from bells


It’s so bad. The current #1 for them made a super faction yesterday just for this crw. I’d rather have the russians again. 8 out of top 10 are from Bell


Ooo fellow Japanese region victims. Yeah it’s stupid the 10th ranked faction in their region Can go toe to toe with the top faction in mine smh


Oh and we’re just about to enter a match where the gen is lvl 125 s5++ but has 3k rep. Suspicious to say the least.


I’m in JD and actually just created an account to bring this up. My faction is ranked 70 and we keep getting matched against Bells top 5 factions.


Lies rank 70 is a bell faction. In fact 1-70 are all bell


from Cullman and everytime we got Bell region it’s a drag, even factions we can win the generals just coin and stall the war as long as possible, lots of teams with 3 rivives and shields just unfair compared to the new regions


Not only are the matchups terrible, but the reward structure continues to suck. There has been zero change in the structure from when CRW was between 3 regions to where it is now at 8. That is a whole lot of factions getting dicked over.


115 vs 11
Logic Scopely ??


The fact that you got matched up with them because they all smash everyone flatly and swiftly. It’s CRW you know. It’s just naturally brutal. Gotta feed preys to the predators so that they (the later) can keep spending on the game :slight_smile:


This is what the end looks like


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I can’t say these matchups were perfect.


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