Hordes "Wheel"?

Will there be a prize wheel for Hordes? The event is two days away and nothing…

No. Probably just some of those awesome WD tokens. :ok_hand:
Been finishing in top placements in most of the solo events. Faction finished 1st in both events last weekend.
And i don’t even have 2k of one of the items in the museum.
Complete garbage.


I couldn’t agree more, and am in the same boat. 3 pulls that get you 100 clams, 200 beach balls and 300 sombreros assures we will be doing this nearly forever. I sure hope no one was foolish enough to actually buy those lame tokens…

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WOW, they just posted another Hordes event within the Pathways timeframe!

One of JB or GR said they were going to look into whether it could be 48 hours long instead of 24. I guess that was the compromise.

Looks like taking things to the team does occasionally lead to good things…

has there ever been a hordes wheel?

Yes, or a “prize vault.” I had done 49 pulls out of 50 with a GPS left for my next Hordes win, and it disappeared. Now there is nothing. It was right after Premiere Recruits

Not a Wheel, but there was a stash.

Never read about it going to 48hrs, but there is a 2nd event on the calendar for next monday

That’s it, a Stash. Sorry, forgot the term!

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