Hordes today and still no Hordes Stash?

So when will we see the Hordes Stash? It is bad enough that my stash disappeared when I had accumulated 49/50 items with the GPS sitting just waiting for one more event for me to get it.
Now there will be nothing? I guess the only thing to say to that is, “Thanks for nothing!”

Maybe there isn’t a stash and we will get more ivanov tokens

Its gonna be those RNG tokens. May also be the last iteration of Hordes too, does not seem like they have any future plans for it.

Doubtful, they likely have another stash planned but rushed these 2 out for Piper before it was ready

Yeah unless a stash has been leaked, there doesn’t need to be a stash. It could be a regular wheel, or just regular rewards.

Also, why would the stash be released before the event went live?

I don’t want any more tokens. The last thing I need is another 100 clams, beach balls or sombreros… lol


The hordes stash must be the milestones that everyone needs to achieve so they can possibly get pipper.

The first stash was up for weeks. Good prizes which made Hordes well worth the time. I suppose the Pathways rewards may be it, but all other things there is both an individual reward AND the Pathways reward (i.e. we got items from war depending on where you placed, AND the battles counted for Pathways. Bottom line, I like that Hordes stash and REALLY need more blue flags so I can ascend my Roxie

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Hordes stash didn’t give blue flags for Roxie…

The point I’m trying to make is that one precedent example does not set a standard going forward.

So for instance, we’ve had war wheels and war stash for war rewards. Right now, the standard is a war wheel(largely due to many more wheels over stashes) but everything is ultimately open to change.

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Would be nice to have a hordes stash with legacy red Romanov in it :grinning:

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I wish Scopes wouldn’t say it starts on Wednesday when it clearly starts on Thursday in the Uk Geez, ps yes Hordes needs a stash

All their times are based on their office in California.


If they said it starts on Thursday, then it wouldn’t be true for US players. What a conundrum we’re in because of time zones right?

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Hmmm yep that’s a tricky one :+1:

You missed out on a gps…?..those are so yesterday in rarity now.

Not the point Dirtysneaker. I WOULD have got it with this event, but they replaced it with lame WD tokens. Seriously, would you want a GPS or 100 beach ball’s, sombreros or clams? Now they take away the 2nd Hordes and gave 3 cans to make up for an entire 24 hour event. They should have given a crossbone for all the people they are screwing out of the pathways mission

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I concur


Let it go there isnt gonna be a stash just because there was one once doesnt mean that’s the status quo

Meh! :unamused:

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