Hordes rewards suck

I beat every milestone and as a reward I got 3 bronze mods, 2 gold, 2 burts, 1 lilith and 35 cake. Wow. And I have 40 cans left. So disappointing. The only good that came out of it is I pulled a 5* ascendable Rick all out war. I’m going to say that’s my prize. Lol.

not just the rewards…


Rise to power sorry* I also pulled a 5* Jesus, 5Darlene, 5 Christa, and 26 4* and 41 cakes total. I pulled 6 and 35.

Maybe you can make a short ´how to beat s teams’ lol


Run away!!!

Can’t let them get the best of me. That 5* rick made it kinda worth it. True I have several focus toons now but he’s still a decent pull.

I focused my walkers on killing a lesser character, which still gives you enemy lines broken and rewards you.

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Who’s that in a team pete pete christa prya and another s?

Absolutely disappointing!


I’d go for priya lol.she’s the weaker of those as far as hp. Unless Pete gets fired up. That’s a pretty stout team. Also if you got fodder and armor. Idk man. That’s how I did it. I just piled on the walkers and armored them. I got through.

@TayTron @GR.Scopely

What is wrong with this picture?
Oh yes the rewards on this wheel are beyond awful!
I mean dog darn awful.
They couldn’t get worse, they seriously could not!

What is your problem Scopely?


Look up there​:point_up_2::point_up_2: I worked my butt off and it only took 16 cans to complete every milestone in the first hour and half of this event. And look at my grand prize. 2 burts and 41 cakes. Useless mods that were like 2-3 of each. 2 gold mods. And no usable collectibles. I’m 600 cones away from Priya. I don’t want cake! Shoulda been a choice! Please help us out.

Telling me they need to throw us a bone with these collectables. War is gonna be crap this weekend with all these S Class flying about

heheh I saved my cans for next hordes
this is trash, 2 days off for me


I like how they snuck 3 Red Velvet Burt pulls into the milestones just to double the suckage



Lucky! Still better then most. I’m so very disheartened.

There is no real point to play this game if this is going to keep up


The bad part is I want to be happy in this game. I truly do. I like the community and my friends and gameplay. But lately its just dropping off too bad. We’ve had a 4 month drought on prizes. Oh well.

My second Alpha wanted Dale but it doesn’t matter anyways all going past these Toons much rather S class collectibles

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