Hordes rewards issue

@JB.Scopely @GR.Scopely I finished second in my league. I was supposed to receive league trophies, 7,000 league tokens (for gear) and 400 stash tokens. I only received the trophies and the stash tokens but never received the 7,000 league tokens.

Did anyone else encounter this problem?


Yep same issue

Wish I could say unbelievable

Did not receive them either.

I got league trophies but no rewards

Flushed down the loo with all those walker cards.

Worst event launch ever

Have not received the tokens of the League for the 1st place… :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Got league trophies & tokens, league currency doesnt appear

Same thing happened here. On the plus side, they fixed the mod roadmap :joy:

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Same here. only got the 400 walker tokens and league trophies, but no league tokens.

Guess what. The trophies don’t even count towards the Solo Challenge mission! :roll_eyes:

Didn’t you stop playing?

I got horde tokens but no league tokens…
Obviously, they fix things immediately when their money is at stake, but when no money involved they are like “meh, whatever”

I did ?? Must be confusing me with someone else

Now that you’re saying, you might be right lol, soz

No I remember you did say it

I will say more: not counted “individual trophies the League of” not received “tokens of the League” for 1st place awards…:rage:

If you say so

Just messing with you lol