Hordes reward distribution is a joke

only top 15 get prizes wth

they are prioritizing people who buy purple cans.

Buy? Ain’t bought a single can everybody should have a decent stockpile if you bought em every week


Why keep buying them after it looked like hordes wasn’t coming back lol


For this reason lol

Yeah I always bought them even though I’m not a big fan. It’s okay I guess it’s just kinda tedious to really burn a bunch of cans. Found myself like, eeehh, naww.

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Yeah I am glad I didn’t buy the cans. Means I don’t have to play hordes

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I don’t mind hordes, its something different. big ole negatory on spending for cans though

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A game should be fun to play and as a change of the stereotype a couple horde runs are fun.

But the time required for a duel (no “auto” based on a pre-defined strategy) makes me use natural energy only. I can’t imagine being glued to the screen to burn the ~30 or so cans that I have accumulated (for free) in the past - it’s a waste of time for very little entertainment value and negligible rewards… If ever I use a can, it will be just to make sure I get all milestones, since it’s running on two workdays


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