Hordes Removed? Again?

Just saw the calendar changed, and it appears Hordes was removed. Can we get an explanation please?
@gr.scopely @forumadmin

I was actually looking forward to it, and coin refreshed the refills on the league store to stock up a few extra. Sure would be nice to know why i wasted those coins.


war gone too

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Yea, and looks like Solo Raid instead of Hordes now. Oh joy… :expressionless:

Level ups raids and sr yawn fest do they even want to fix the game doesn’t look like it

Time to go to a dif game thanks scopely for all your mess


Hordes is dead YAY :ok_hand:t4: love you scopes


Yea super lame they canceled both

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Why was hordes removed? Because it sucks and very few players want it

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With new op toons and S class our walker become puppy chihuahua.
That’s why they remove horde hahaa

Hordes would be horrid if you’re collecting balloons, no doubt you’d need 100k and that’s nigh on impossible in certain leagues

Another fail for the list.

The big question is… Is this game actually fun enough to make it worth putting up with a litany of failures that grows by the day?

Will we still be having them in the future? Just asking to know if I should stop wasting leave tokens on refills?

I could have sworn, that 2 weeks ago, Walker Hordes was in the August event Calendar, for this week, on Friday? I thought aw sweet, and now poof it’s gone??? Maybe just a figmantile of my imagination, but I was certain I saw it.

I know tons of people hate it but I don’t mind it every once in a while


It’s good to have variety. Some hate war lol.


I have only been playing since April, but I have found it incredibly useful, from a newbie p.o.v , all the tokens, and materials, I upgraded most of my town after my first WH event. I think its great for newer players to help get them going. I have a lot of newbie’s in my faction, its good little leg up.


This is terrible news, this is a p2w game, newbies are not to be rewarded for their commitment & effort, I’ll take this to the team & see if we can bug the event so bad that it is removed from all forth coming calendars.

PS Keep Surviving.

I hope we have some soon. Got 19 refills. Unless they going to give our league tokens back for them. Then that’s great. Lol

So what happened to the hordes event that was on the calendar? Now it’s gone. Went and bought refills in league stores for the event and now it’s gone. Nice one scopely!! :confused:


Wow deja vu