Hordes milestones rewards

What do you guys think?
I guess the tokens would be nice if Burt and Brady weren’t on the wheel, epic fail in the rewards department on whomever made the decision to include them.

Never include Burt or Brady on an event wheel!
If you must put trainers, put Lilith and Benny!


Pleased that I can just bomb out and enjoy being Platinum 1 come the end of the week.

No S-Class collectables. What a joke


what the hell Scopely are you joking with us ?



Bahaha and just seen the first place rewards on VK. No collectables there either

Pretty much the same as all the rewards :poop:

Change these milestones right now, Scopely!


You know it’s sad when league tokens are the best rewards in the milestones


Stipulation: VK is a hack website, they are probably showing a burner accounts milestones…

if they are on a lower league level the rewards and milestones are lowered to that standard.

Platinum etc would be better by comparison

That said, these are very poor rewards to be honest… I remember Hordes rewards made me want to fight to get to 120k respectively


What is the purpose of the event then? Just cancel it imo and replace it with onslaught.
We had better milestones even without collectibles any old Pic can show u


I was actually trying to calculate my scores for the week, so I don’t end up again in Diamond 4, and get Diamond 2, max! Now I don’t need to worry about it, with these rewards… I need 250 keys more for Pete, but I guess I gotta grind at it the old fashion way… 30 per day…


Atrocious. Absolutely nothing I really need, and some things I actively don’t want.


I just wanna see the rewards for this comedy of event.
At least we will get 3 more halloween pulls… For 3 Burts/Bradys. Brilliant.
@GR.Scopely @TayTron @JB.Scopely I suggest you throw out the trainer rubbish and leave only 5* toons (a.k.a Benedict substitutes or Old-fashioned arena stuff), cakes (with their amount being increased a bit) and ascendables there. I am not the only one who thinks so.
I know the ways how you can improve this game and gain your good reputation (if you had one ofc) back, but you do not seem to take our advices into account.


Greedy lmao

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3 free pulls probably just hurts and Brady’s as that all I get now and it’s all I expect but atleast it’s free

I would like to see these James teams in defence.

awesome can sleep in and.forget hordes with those trash rewards

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VK shows the screen which advertises first place only - 500 Ascendance Medals, 26k Solo League Trophies and a whopping 1,000 Leagues Tokens. So everything else gets sh*ttier from there

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I definitely missed a day when Scopely started adjusting milestones to your current League.

Well first place on vk is also low rank… they aint the same in plat or higher