Hordes : Make it stop

This part of the game just SUCKS and I give up…

There is no Auto fill, there is no auto play, the game mechanics just suck, hard to place and annoying to try to take on S class or multi revive team.

I have successfully defended 98% of those that have attacked me and only attacked 5% of those I have tired.

I have plenty of horde points. I have plenty of cans. But I refuse to use them and wish I could trade them in for something useful.

Hordes in concept is ok but in reality just sucks. I wish I had the zombie team from the newly released 401 SR level to attack, before it was Nerf’d then I would not have to write this rant.


It’s hard for me to say this because we’ll, you don’t have to do it and can ignore it.
What I do in game is ignore war, why because it is lame and boring.
At the least though you should try it with free energy.

So you want your atack and everything on this game Automated.Sounds pretty much like a whale.You dont wanna think about strategy your just gonna buy the best and put them in a team. Fυck you mate


I decided not to participate. :slightly_smiling_face:

I love hordes way better than onslaught

You are silly. “I only attacked 5%”… That’s why you aren’t placing. I agree with the other postings. You seem like a whale who can’t cope if you have to think about what you’re doing.

Don’t play and leave the event to people who enjoy it.

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