Hordes = Lucilles... You forget Scopely?

Why are we in the middle of an event that requires another event to complete the 1st event if you are not even going to release the 2nd event that is required to complete the 1st event? Hordes is not even any place scheduled on the calendar for the remainder of the crossbone event.


The calander is not updated until the end of the event. Jb confirmed on line that we will be getting at least one horde event.


Was really hoping maybe they see this post and decide to add 2 in some place. 130 something hordes battles in 1 tournament is going to be so mind numbing.


Hopefully you can test your own defense and flee to finish this otherwise its bs and they can tell the super duper pooper line group chat of scopely crusaders it was a failure and we will be back to sharpening our pitchforks


Yep. @How2Zombies said it best. Pretty sure testing your own defense will count. If scouting and tower grabbing counts for war battles, so should testing defense.


My entire elaborate Piper planning relies on this one fact lol


What if Scopely saw the SR flee, roadmap flee, friendly duel glitch and are rectifying it now for Hordes as we speak :joy:. Thats why no Hordes is scheduled for the 2nd week of the pathway event ideally there should have been one this week and one later on.

Not a chance that involves programming :joy:

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lmao it got fl@gged again! they will never learn now, do they! :joy::joy::joy:
I guess it was JB now as Kookie doing damage control

I’ve given up on getting Piper. Whats the point?
Just going to run the maps for the trainers and pray to the RNG gods for the 20k coins.


JB stalks me religiously like a filthy opportunist after he found out i make the best half baked taken out of context baguette bread in the world

You realise how bad this event is when things like this are being said.

Basically “this event is shit, I can’t enjoy playing the game normally but I hope I can at least complete mind numbing repetitive actions to get the rewards”


Yea, sad but it will be needed since they are giving us 1 hordes event maybe, i actually got a few cramps from fleeing sr and doing freindy duels over and over and over, its so damn boring, this was their big event to calm the masses also :frowning:

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Kookie @kookland you naughty boy :joy::imp:

Careful he will



Good to know.

Jb could also confirm on here that there will be a hordes event.

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Hordes should be a regular thing in game regardless of whether or not you need to complete it for rewards for something specific.

We shouldn’t have to ask for stuff to do all the time. They should just provide it.

And maybe move the inactive players out of regions and into dead servers to free up space so they can run events for the rest of us. Like most things we raise on here, it don’t take a genius to think it through. It obviously takes someone smarter than the person in charge of this game at Scopely though. Or their supervisor.

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Eff piper and this game :confused:

He could…but he won’t. He only gives out that kind of information on line. :smirk:

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To the people he’s stalking, right?

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