Hordes - Let us play

So this is a silly question. But why exactly can’t we have hordes next week (in it’s current “broken” state)? Why not give your players the chance to finish their pathway objectives? Just tack on horrible (or no) rewards and let us play it for the Pathways event. The 40 Lucilles you sent were just under half we would have gotten for completing 132 horde battles and really didn’t make much difference to most people I’ve talked to because they are still quite shy of 200 and 300 lucilles without the horde portion of the event complete. @GR.Scopely @JB.Scopely


One can hope for that " lightning "

  • Who cares if it’s broken, let us play
  • Nah I wouldn’t bother playing hordes again

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I already got my milestone in, even with the constant crashing.
It seems if you spammed too fast it caused the game to crash, try being a bit slower on hordes?

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where is a option for i will play when it has a fix

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I crashed less than 10 times and hit 132 attacks on two regions, I don’t see it as enough of a big deal to not do it again.

The territories attacks and wars are a bigger issue for me, some regions only got 2 wars during the piper event vs. others that got 4 due to ToC - this is pretty unfair imo.


Everyone will play when it has a fix kook…

I finished all my missions because I’ve spent too much time for Piper to miss her, but they should still run another lol. 24 hours in a whole month to do a solid hour of fleeing, at least, is ridiculously low. If you REALLY wanted Piper, you’d suffer some crashing. Alternatively if the crashing is worth more than Piper, you can just sit out

I agree about the disparity on war amounts, but I fear that ship has sailed

so have this as a option

He’s talking about bringing back a broken hordes next week. It wouldn’t be fixed under any scenario

In this scenario that doesn’t need to be an option. If you wouldn’t play it “broken” for the pathways event credits, then you fall into option 2.

this is fair enough i guess but it should be fixed now

It can’t be fixed until a client update, which is due early August. Given they take approval off the app stores, it can’t be rushed forward at this stage.

I only picked up Piper as an unintentional bonus. I was just focused on getting as many Crossbone runs as possible

My Piper depended on getting 20k coins, which I did. So I was, and was not, aiming for her.

I’ve still not got any coins, I’ve still got 2 bones left and enough Lucilles to boot, I hope I get them.

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At the very least I will have 340 unusable Benedict’s because everything in my roster is max level

I’ve sold my last 5 crates of Bennies and have 700k SD points lol. Be a good time for that #PU requested depot update right about now

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they can push a fix right now this minute if they are wanting to

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