Hordes has 6* and S class

Not sure why this topic is getting kicked but it is horrible! Nothing sucks more than wasting energy and refills to be faced with 6* and Sclass defense.

Evidence ^

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Maybe they identify as 5 stars?

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Another problem is that scores are not counting to missions.

The AS used doesn’t think so (unless you mean programming wise)

Just seen in another thread that it’s a bug they are looking into

Annoyingly I’d got it down to just Pete before his revives and then used up all my confuse and impair cards on him but he’s invulnerable to the level of walkers we have and outlasted them.

Check their defense before you attack. I’m finding a mixture of S-Class and 5*. Just slows you down because you have to wait for it to find a new match :unamused:

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Just used all my energy, 5 of defences were 5* last one was this mess, old school my arse

Those are 5* and I had the starting role in Bloodsport.doublicat-2020-08-26-08-04-09

Old school might just be referring to that there’s still massive problems.


Another problem is that scores are not counting to missions.

full s class team here as well

They knew of these bugs within the first 10 minutes. They should have just cancelled the event.

Hordes shouldn’t have been brought back without being tested in beta first. This amount of bugs is ridiculous.

I bet I know what happened. They usually reset your defense to a random chosen legal defense if yours isn’t. These players that didn’t get reset probably only had Sclass in their roster.

I also such protection want :slight_smile:

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Yup, that looks about right. I thought I was mistaken at first but definitely faced some s-class. Pete is a dead giveaway

Realistically speaking, how hard is it to test your stupid events before they go live?

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Closing this thread as a duplicate.

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