Hordes fill in top lvl up milestone

See scopely is listening, all these hordes events have drained our coffers. Thanks scopes!

Only in this game do milestones get worse as other items in the game get more expensive to level. We went from 10x trainers to one Burt, one brady and 3 basils. Fantastic.


Ulysses, outdated mods I’m excited how this week is starting.

Scopely logic

There’s far to many active skill trainers in rewards. Junk filling up your roster so you can’t collect any 2* to level, great idea scopely.

Which means that they are not done with Hordes yet… Most likely we’ll have one this month.

which will be cancelled 10.minutes for its.planned
which the calendar wont be realised until 30 minutes before hordes

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Hope they put world energy refills instead for this michonne event

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