Hordes event for Missions

Are we going to get a Hordes event before this Missions event ends???


There are already several active threads with the same topic as yours. Also, a quick look on the tournament calendar would have answered your question. No walker hordes event to see yet, and will probably only happen one time before Pathway event ends. :cold_face:


Yeah but is one even going to be enough to hit every milestone without having to buy a ton of cans?

We should have had one in the first two weeks and a second one the last two weeks. What a freaking joke the way they run things. A decent company would have the entire event schedule posted but something tells me they didn’t actually have one at the start.


It’s easier to read through similar threads to get info and so you don’t feel ignored. It’s been stated in a few others that JB has confirmed that hordes will be coming before the event ends.

I’ve been stock piling my cans so I’m hoping that I can atleast hit 100 times and fail each one.


Lets see if testing your own DefTeam counts otherwise this Pathway event is going down the river like the past events. Yes sure all those trainers are helpful but they are mostly gone already…:joy:

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It’s just rather irritating that it’s just one and it’s supposedly the F2P event JB was talking about…


Hopefully the more threads we post, the sooner they will figure this out. I have read this mysterious “JB has confirmed we will get one Hordes event” several times, but it means nothing to me without evidence. If this is so, why is the Hordes event not posted on the calendar? I mean, how hard is it to update the calendar???

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It’s pretty hard to update the calendar when they themselves have no idea what will happen next. This game is run by amateurs.

Well what do you know?!? Wednesday the 24th

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