Hordes Defences S9/10 ... already made my mind up on spending this event

To be playing this game after extensive testing on Beta region and voicing major concerns over the imbalance of having the defences run EXACTLY the same way they do in Raids would not work on this event

Yes, ive had many more weeks experience in advance with this mode and can beat “certain” harder defences but if you get bonus HP Revivers with powerful mods its already over.

your decap toons and decap buffs wont even do damage on any toon in that defence.

using my account thats in platinum 4 league, i seem to have a harder time with defences that have no limits.

i just spent 2 refills … won 2 lost 10

this is highly imbalanced, not fun having to see many walkers not doing what theyre supposed to do

move out of line with defence fat walker, when queued up, they no longer move even though 40% of the map is still free, you watch them hit 1/3 toons thats not directly infront of them
Reflect not work at all

in this event you need to either block bonus HP or limit revives, the possibility that a revive could possibly take a move away and remove any AP rush on revival, its highly imbalanced and has already got many players ive spoken to already relishing the weekend off not having to play this event

This isnt improvement when issues were raised during testing of this event and not taken on board

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Turrets are too much. Defenses are already hard as shit to beat, but then you give them turrets too. Either limit or eliminate them completely, it’s unbalanced as is.


It’s not unbalanced I’ve not spent a penny and won all attacks but 1 and not lost a single defence, there’s a card which destroys turrets etc

Boom box Walker is dope af.


Don’t see why anyone would spend on this event anyways. Just relax and use energy. Learn how to play the event as it is relatively new. Rewards aren’t exactly amazing or must need as well.


I stopped playing for some hours. I think I played less than 15 times. Waste a lot of free energy. Lol.

When I played this exciting horde, i randomly pick a few walkers and let it go. Even not refilling the walkers or set any “strategy”.

I am even far from 1st milestone.

I will let myself demoted and earn some coins from some mini accounts.

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the annoying part for me.

Is I keep getting the Same Enemy?

Wtf dudes. I don’t wanna fight triple Erika Lead.

Sad to say, but I’ve lost matches because Certain Toons are
Too Tanky. Like Regular Raids. Full Tank Items and
I can’t beat them, jut keep healing over and over lol

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Basically seconding what’s already been said , but given this is CR why am I seeing the same 4/5 teams all the time ! And no way to skip opponents is dumb too , it’s like you want me to hate this Scopely .
To make matters even worse I received zero trophies for the first few hrs so wasted cans and free nrg , support is it’s usual unhelpful self .

Get a turret killer in first with shroud, or crawler/quick right next to it. I’m rather surprised we have all those defences free and availble to use at the start tbh

One think I do like is human shields are useless but what I would like to see is a limit of 6* to one team or a limit on revives or if you want a revive it has to be a 5*.
Another thing that could work is decap walkers do 3x damage to a revive toon or something like that would make it more balanced or just buff all the walkers damage

I am in Diamod league and I put up a Lydia defense few hours back. Since then 20 people attempted to hit and all failed.
Similarly I couldnt beat any of the multi revive teams I faced.
This is too damn imbalanced and I have given up. Just gonna let energy lapse and take a break this weekend or better would practise duelling for the next weeks war.

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There are lots of cards you use to counter these teams. Cards that apply decap status, def down, rush control (confuse, stun, impair, etc), take out turrets and so on. Use fodder toons to deflect fire away from your important walkers so they can make it to the frontline. Revive teams are very beatable with the right strategy.

Same here diamond league and all 3-4 revives in a team,time u kill one then the revive cycle all starts,won’t be spending much time over the weekend on this mode more fun levelling toons up.

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Maybe, but neither me nor the 20 people who tried to hit me are yet to find the right solution.

Seems to have a long learning curve and as of now, it has aroused zero interest in me to spend the time to figure out the intricacies.

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