Hordes causing game to crash

Anyone else having the problem when you hit the button fight the game shuts down. @JB.Scopely any fix?


Nope, all fine

Yes happens on IOS for me, not all the time but 50%, instant shut down, no loss of e but inconvenient for sure


Thanks Scopely.

Every time it crashes I lose a can.

Do you guess test ANYTHING before pushing it out?



Just happened to me too :roll_eyes:

Yep, scopely creating these issues as always

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We’re looking into it. We suspect it may have something to do with a Leader Skill on Defense and that’s why it isn’t happening 100% of the time. If you can recall what Leader the defense had before you crashed please post it here.

We better get some free cans I wasted a few while it continue to crash mid fight

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Michelle lead @Shawn.Scopely

So we have to do your job for you?



Yeah people, keep complaining about issues, I want free stuff!!

I suppose this means everyone will just have to put up trainer leads now :man_shrugging: lol

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An Eric lead team was making mine crash.

Wanderer and Erik crashed on me

It’s still crashing on IOS. Thanks

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Pete lead team on mine I’ve since dropped to an all Benny team

I’ve lost 3 cans!!!

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Mirabelle is my lead

Wasted 3 cans