Hordes bug - battle loop

I already sent a message to support in game about this. All of the opponent’s team shows to be dead, but the match won’t end. I hit go and 2 magically revive, only to be killed again, but the match still won’t end. Eventually I had to give up and forfeit ~800 points, because it was stuck in this endless loop.

I did get a screen record video of it, just can’t upload here because it isn’t the right file format.


yup happened to me few times

This just gets better and better

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This is what took you like 3 months to work on in hordes? :man_facepalming:


Same thing has been happening to me. I have to flee otherwise it’ll just Keep reviving the last fighter. So that’s fun. Good use of energy :slight_smile:

But scopely took so much time and put in so much effort to balance and make sure hordes was good :roll_eyes:

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I had that loop happen to me 3x now.

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I had this glitch.
Jeremy died.
But he hitting and dies.
Next round
Revives and hit
Then it’s a cycle.

Who was their team? Which 2 revive? You can send me the video in email to ladygeek.rts@gmail.com and I’ll get it passed on.

Which was the fighter who kept reviving?

Which Jeremy?

The one that looks like a servant and would
Welcome to young Dan house
(4* jeremy)

Ok. I will send it now; it was two 4* toons who kept coming back. You can kind of see them in the second photo, but more clearly in the video. Thanks!

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I noticed the 4* zeke that kept reviving

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