Hordes and onslaught

I like Hordes and I want to see more of onslaught so when will they be going on?


Hordes needs to be adjusted for a few things one is the power creep. With S class toons, your walkers are dead…again. With onslaught in my opinion it was a good strategic event, but without milestones it was hard for people to feel motivated imo. Onslaught was a great way to test teams and strategically figure out ways to beat the opponent with proper faction collaboration.

So your guess is as good as mine for hordes and onslaught

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I think they should find some way to bring them into special events like typhoon like getting daoist beads and s class collection items for milestones because this can really help F2P people in getting a chance to have a somewhat powerful team.

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they could, but probably won’t. Horde has a lot of issues right now and I’m not sure what to expect from Scopely regarding when the next one can be with how skewed it is

yeah but a man can dream huh

throw the dream in a bucket my friend lol

Eh I didn’t like either feature. Honestly what’s going on around here and in the game, neither of those things really will get looked at. But for your sake I hope they bring them back so you can enjoy them.

And when will they add more to story missions I have been waiting for a year and it still says to be continued.

I personally liked Hordes too it makes it even better that half the people you’re against don’t even try at all so it’s fairly easy to place high

Onslaught didn’t really care for but to each their own but I think we can all agree the rewards for both events were pretty garbage they’d need to overhaul that before they brought either event back

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