Hordes? Am I seeing this right?

Am I seeing this correctly? Are we going to get to use our hordes cans? Yippee! Please don’t cancel this time! Time to shine!!!

oKay I know my post have been negative lately so let me end with 3 things I like abt this game. 1.) The friendships I’ve made. 2.) The characters are fun and cool. 3.) The gameplay is some of the best. But I do wish our towns and missions could be extended. Once you beat Sanctuary its all over but the crying. Would love some new stages! And I like Hordes. I think its unusual in any game to get to play the bad guy you fight daily. Its a pretty good idea. Needs some work, sure. But overall pretty cool.

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If it happens, a 17hr event worries me that Scopes are unsure if it’s going to work properly :joy:

But lets hope for the best. But yeah, I totally see why you’d be concerned.

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I’ll believe it when I see it they always put it on the schedule and it gets cancelled a few hours before it’s supposed to start

oh I know. But I’m actually allowing myself to hope bc one of the scopley guys mentioned in a thread last week it was going either run as a collection tradeable last week or actually run this week. So I’m hoping…fingers crossed💪. I got 52 cans I’m busting to use!!! Lol.

it will be swapped with solo raid few hours before the event.

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I hope milestones have velvet cake!

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S class defence teams against weak af zombies.
Can’t wait.

You know how in leagues we have to use certain toons in certain arena, like damage or tank.

Well I was hoping maybe they were only gonna allow 1 or 2 or NONE! :grin:

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Yeah right :joy::joy::joy::joy:

If it happens I hope there’s a stash with gear, cans, trainers and s class collectibles.

Hint hint :wink: @GR.Scopely

Oh I like this! Good idea!

Lets hope they haven’t amped up the zombies to suit S class. I see that just being a disaster. Lol

I’m hoping a choice box cause I’m after cones. Lol

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I hope you are right and they have Aarav collection items, maybe even Secretary Guo.

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Gosh that’d be nice!!! Lol. I do t see why it isn’t all choice boxes. I mean there’s a lot of collections and just giving one or another doesn’t suit everyone. So I really don’t get why its so hard for them to just give a choice.

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We should push for them to add boxes to level up rewards, there would be much more participation, and people wouldnt feel they have to wait for the item they needed to pop up as the reward.

Like I need Vanilla cake currently but chocolate cake has been reward last few level ups, and we don’t even have many events offered anymore so it’s a bummer.

Why would that be disaster? You get next to nothing for defending.

Yeah. We are mostly ( my faction) focusing on red velvet, bullets and cones. Everyone is going for a diff item. So it seems only logical to use choice boxes but this is scopely we are talking abt. Where only the illogical is logical. Lol.

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:joy::joy::joy: you are right! They are very backwards, this would actually help with their profits margin.

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