Horde stash (insufficient the currency)

Hi all!
Problem solved :slight_smile:
Just leave it here for someone like me
Player Name: Raccoon
Faction: Down the rabbit hole
Region: Convington
Device: Xiaomi mi a2
OS Version: Android 9

When trying to open horde stash in “rewards” catching “insufficient currency” message.
But in “general” of inventory 810 horde markers.
Screenshots can be found in attachment.
Smartphone already rebooted, all updates checked twice.
Can’t add second screenshot by forum restrictions. :frowning:

those are not the ones you need for the stash


Sad story. Thank you, sir!

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You’d get tokens for the stash if you got top 3 in the Walker Hordes event or if you got the 2nd and higher milestones.

Terrible rewards for this event

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Not really, just the amount of rewards wasn’t very good.

That would mean rewards not good. Amount is part of rewards

Sounded like you meant just the rewards instead of amount. My mistake.

No I like get stash tokens but only for top three and amount is bad.

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They’ve recently been doing decent things in the past month so hopefully they make more people able to get rewards the next time one comes up.

The ones required look like this

The ones you show are used to get the cards faster ( kind of like when using coins to rebuild faster in wars)

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The Markers and Tokens look pretty much the same. On purpose. To confuse. Not that Scopes had any time to make the difference more obvious :man_shrugging:


I have to say the rewards for this event are amazing (there shit) compared to the 20 tokens I got from the last 2 wars :frowning::frowning::frowning::frowning:

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