Horde roadmap bug or

I dont know why but I did it is walker hordes coming back

Yes there’s a solo hordes tournament later this week.

Ffs it’s the worst event there is. Your week ass walkers against S class op toons. That’s not fun at all

You don’t need to play it :man_shrugging:t5:

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Maybe they actually balanced it this time… not getting too hopeful though lol

Still don’t understand why hordes (limited to 5* defense) wasn’t part of the whispere war event…

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I didn’t mind hordes, I seem to remember the rewards in food and wood were ridiculous. I use it as a chance to stock up on sodas for level up later.

I can only hope that the long hiatus for this event was to figure out how to make it not suck in the S class era.

The best rewards in an event should not be food and wood :joy:

From what I remember the rewards were virtually non existent outside the top ranks and it took way too much effort to get there.

I’m hoping since they’re bringing it back that they’ve made some improvements. But I said the same about transfers :smirk:

this is absolutely true, but I seem to always be short on food these days so I wouldn’t mind a grocery run

Team c everybody

Never know, might do it as old school characters

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