Horde or not horde these


I’ve got 29 6* already, another 8 going through the ascendance process. Over 35 5* maxed. So I’ve wound up with all of these tokens and coins.
So what to do? Part of me says open it, other side says finish what you started and work your acendables up.


I’m saving mine for the next update to wheels. Could be waiting years for that though.


Always Be Hoarding (ABH)

the force is strong with you


On a scale of 1 to 10, how hard is the flex in this post?




Why do people hoard?

Be sensible and always keep a reserve but use them and enjoy them because what if the Lord decides today is your last? You can’t take it with you and that includes digital goods.

Also no guarantees that the wheels get better. They could get worse. It’s scipley after all.


I have been a hoarder of tokens in the past. All I ended up with was built up anticipation, only to be massively let down. Now I am slowly working through all my stockpile, a little at a time. Keeping like a whole pull of each kind but other than that, honestly believe the chances of getting something good are going to get less.


If you don’t need anyone in the wheels, there is probably no loss to hoard them.

But, if for example, you are lacking a decap, I’d be burning tokens trying for Alpha from the 5★ wheel.

As for Weapons, 4★ tokens and Elite tokens - I don’t ever see a value. The former and latter will never get much better because it would be impinging on possible revenue if they did. And 4★ are irrelevant unless you’re a collector, in which case you wouldn’t hoard them either


I saw the title and thought you were talking about Glass. In which case yes, Horde. Cleanse the pure.


If there was something reasonably useful, updated at a reasonable frequency, we wouldn’t be hoarding…

Sigh… Hoard on.

Also since I rarely spell good I had to verify. Apparently, and rarely, I was right.


Because when people don’t hoard, then they complain about not hitting certain milestones or not being able to compete in lug nuts collection event.

Not talking about all those tokens per se, but rather in general.


Open it all and show us what you get


I will put money all he gets is disappointment, duplication and irrelevance

Edit: Are they three of the four horsemen of the Scopocalypse? I guess the fourth being Pancakes…



Dictionary result for horde



a large group of people.

“he was surrounded by a horde of tormenting relatives”


Well my spelling stinks, never was great at language(any for that matter). But a faction buddy told me something yesterday. Can you feed all your guys/—-nope. Can you play test them—not all at once. Then only take what you can handle, because I wold Ben going round in loops trying to figure out which combo to use.
So I guess what he’s saying pull a little but not the whole shebang?


Not hard enough… Everyone get your guns out :weight_lifting_man:





@ref You crazy :laughing:


Hodor! :sunglasses:


Hoard them. There was something posted a few days ago that the plan has always been every 5* will be ascendable.


In 4 years time when the wheels get updated and regions are nothing more than barren wastelands sparingly occupied by 13 year old Korean kids and 60 year old virgin die hards waiting for the next promo to complete their impenetrable defence teams……… I’ll have the last laugh :rofl::sob: