Horde (my opinion)

I dont know why everybody is bitching about zombie horde. Its an amazing new strategic event. You can hit all milestones with free cans. Iam at 163k atm. You can beat every 6* defend team easilly once you know how. SO pls stop being jerks. Its something new, still can be improved. Dont tell me that you dont want more intersting events like are lvl up, raids, sr ans war. Onslaught was much worse than this. Hordes are new way how to strategise. I personally have tactic with which I have 100 win rate. I love zombie hordes. Good job scopely I apreciate your work. Thank you


You are fully entitled to your opinion glad that you like it and I hope it keeps you entertained all weekend.
Mine is that it is a terrible little sideshow that bares no relationship to the main game and should therefore have no bearing on a players ability to progress in the game. Tying this to leagues is a stupid idea and will probably push more people into quitting as two of my faction have done already.


I understand. Ye they should have done it like lvl up or raid but still its nice. Also there is plenty time to chcage structure of rewards I think

They shouldn’t add a poor man’s Pokémon into a game where people don’t play real Pokémon and then compound the stupidity by making it effect people’s progress in the real game , you know the one people chose to play. Cash grab again which will make more players leave


Strategic? You’re completely dependant on RNG again and if you get the right cards you just use the same horde again and again, no matter what the enemy has.


better like sr or crw

If you say hordes is better than crw…your faction must be sucked ballz

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Depend it is all about the pull rate and I do prefers walker hordes than crw typically because I have been able to do 2 pulls already do we get that in CRW no my faction is styck with 20 tokens which are equal to 200 supply points

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This game mode is basically a win for whales who just put all their Revive toons and win every defense.


Did you even read your own post? You said it’s strategic… and then the next sentence you say you can beat all the six star teams easily… that doesn’t sound strategic at all. Yes, once you find the right combo it’s rinse and repeat. I haven’t changed anything (even after getting some of the best cards). It’s rinse and repeat. Painfully boring.


:arrow_up: 100% Truth.

Early on I put together a winning attack formula and have barely altered it since the start and win 99% of the time. I see very little strategy here.

Extremely boring and because it’s tied to leagues and at 200 points a win I had no choice but to play it or lose out on free coins. That’s crap.

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Wrong. I’m not getting any useful cards. It could be fun, but I’m getting absolutely shafted by rng on this one.

Hum that’s a point, but it’s the same for everything in that game. I have one team that beat pretty easily everything, and it’s almost the same for… 6 months ? But I can use it against anyone because there is strategy in the way I made it. Same for hordes, doesn’t it ?

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Somethings never change. People gripe about not enough this, not enough that. Too many solo’s so they throw in a onslaught, and people complain. People ask for AOW, and they complain yet again when Scopely gives AOW. Now there is a new section of the game where you send in walkers like the whisperers would, and in the first day of it being rolled out you complain yet again. The company is doing things to keep the game alive and all you do in complain. If people are going to shoot down something the company rolls out, why do you play this game to begin with. I enjoy trying somthing new other than the normal stuff going on, if all you are going to do is be negative to someone who does like something you don’t, keep you negitive opinions to yourself and leave the game if you dont like the changes done to the game.


Please. Stop it. This a forum to share opinions. If people don’t like the game mode for whatever reason, they are allowed to voice their displeasure.


Yeah because we need more people leaving this game…

If it wasn’t entirely dependent on what cards you pull the maybe - maybe I would find it fun.
But with shit luck in the pulls (no whisper, no boom box, no nothing) then you just loose over and over again.
So yes it’s strategy if you have anything to strategize with but if you don’t then it’s just not fun. :blush:

Sure I could chose to spend money refreshing shop and try to get better cards but I won’t so I just take the day off and enjoy the sun and that is fine with me!
But don’t patronize and say it’s all about strategy because it isn’t. It’s about luck first and foremost and THEN you can use a strategy.

And trust me I tried with what I was given and I can’t beat the full revive/HP teams out there. Maybe those of you that keep saying it’s all about strategy should get my cards next time and then we can talk :wink:


I don’t think whether you can win or loss should determine if a game is fun or not. I reached the last milestone and still think it’s boring as hell.

I merely addressed the “it’s about strategy” issue :wink:
Since I don’t really have any cards to show for I can’t determine if it’s fun or not. But since I don’t really like turn based card games I doubt it. So maybe it’s my luck I got bad cards so I could go outside and enjoy that spring is here? :sunny:

Ha. Trust me. It’s not fun with the cards lol. Enjoy the outside.