Horde mode prizes need fixing

Horde mode not horrible but not great . Prizes 90 days for junk I may or may not have enough for . Should’ve just did war this is a waste


Same issue as onslaught. I really don’t mind either game mode and this one I’ve had fun with so far. But there is an omnipresent feeling of ‘What for?’.

Should have something to show after a whole weekend other than just trophies


100% agree I found myself enjoying it but why am I doing it

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They should’ve done choose a toon as well . Stupid when they only put 1

Not just that Rewards aren’t great but Hordes tournament is 3 whole days long? :confused:

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Yes 3 days of vacation

Another thing I notice with the stash that I haven’t seen brought up (I haven’t read all of the hundreds of posts complaining about it) is that stashes reset when you transfer. Considering this is a 95 day stash I bet a lot of people will plan to transfer sometime in there. Are they going to lose their stash progress and have to start it all over? Maybe this has been addressed and I missed it but if not, it seems rather a big waste.

And to top it off, I’m in diamond 2 and I don’t see myself getting 75000 to even be able to claim for the stash once from this current event. Rewards fell flat here very hard.

If your thinking about transferring don’t do any pulls on a stash until the day before it expires. This is one way to avoid the reset.

But I agree milestones are way off. Did they think people were going to keep spending more than $3 for a refill all day long for 3 days? Especially with it not even being much fun to play.

I don’t have plans to transfer but that’s the only option I see for people planning to move and it’s a stupid setup. Sit on rewards until you have enough to claim a full stash. They sure know how to take the rewarding aspect out of it fast.

I think the mode is a lot of fun too, but it definitely needs actual rewards, and so does onslaught. Frankly, EVERYBODY should be getting enough horde tokens for a few pulls at the end, with the top scorer able to pull maybe half the stash.

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