Horde: 1 small improvement

Finally the horde launches. The horde is exciting. I think everything is good but only 1 suggestion.

Don’t make it a faction event.

And make it 24hr max…

No. Just make everyone has 6 energy and the can costs 100,000 gold.

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1 small improvement would be to get rid of it completely

And make the refill time 72 hours That ought to cover it :crazy_face:.

Make it a 30 second game that starts at 3am British Summer Time so that I never have to see it again

Everyone is always complaining about game doesn’t evolve, and when they make a real new play of gaming people still complaining. Yes, horde need some improvements, but it’s a good start.

Hordez sucks, takes forever to get an attack, can’s are way overpriced for the crap milestones and lame stash. Hordez should be like a mini-game where we can waste some time while waiting for a matchup in war.

Super disappointed with the failed attempt to launch a new mode. If you can stop being tightwads for a second and make something worthy of our time and money maybe the general reaction wouldn’t have been such disappointment for your new event.

Hordes is a huge waste of time in its current form. 1hr to wait for an attack. Ridiculous milestones. Especially since everyone is now just rocking high HP/Heal/Revive combos that are unbeatable, even with decap walkers.

The only teams that are actually beatable are the purely FTP ones. Even with 1-2 premier toons, they just destroy any horde you send at it.

48 hours is ideal. 24 doesn’t give enough time for you to build up cards

Just because YOU don’t succeed against these teams means they are invincible. Just read, try and think, and you will too.

This isn’t just me. There are plenty of people saying the same thing. I do beat some of the teams, but as soon as I come up against the revive/Bonus HP meta, there is little point even trying.
You say it can be done, show me a video of a walker horde going up against this meta and I’ll believe it can be done. And no I’m not talking about the ftp revives, but the premier revives.

After some trial, most of the team can be defeated. The key is to use command with heal reduction and some decap walkers. Use the command at right timing, ie. when the reviers/healers pop in next turn.

But, I think why I do not like this:

  1. I do not like card game actually
  2. This mode is passive control, I like active control of characters.

TF that is over. Give us WAAAAAAR!!!

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