Hope this new toon if F2P

Hope this toon is free to play

This weapon belongs to her


She’s likely gonna end up being a premier lmao.

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Not the greatest toon

Of course not.

And here’s what she’ll look like with the veteran rings fully maxed (unless they increase the max veteran level).

Still very weak toon


That’s over 6000 stats combined.

Will not get her even if ftp my gov is way better

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I like the focus on her but other than that, pretty average. For a neutralize, rather use Gov or Lori.

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Like other Veteran toons will not be 6000+ but with much better rushes.


Has to be a giveaway toon she’s poop

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Or just normal toons in general.

OP, you think that this is what f2p deserve?

Still better than that Hana, Hani, Tanja or whatever her name is from the Picknick :poop: maps.

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Just give her S class so she up there with her dad.

She is awful even for F2P meta


Can’t see any use for her. Pure Garbage. Has to be f2p


She could just be the next ivy

She is an upcoming premier. Just to make ppl shut up about how OP premiers are.