“hope RNGesus rewards you with what you’re looking for.”


A response from a Dev this weekend to the war prize changes.

No, sir, RNGesus did not reward me with what I am looking for. As a matter a fact, any toon on the wheel doesn’t benefit ANYONE in a top 3 faction because of the changes you all made to your 6* toons.

Your changes made to this game has made long term players on my region retire because the money and time they invested into your game, you basically said screw you to all of them. Now with such a mediocore reward system that you have in place for the one activity left in this game that we all looked forward to is broken. So tell me what these toons are worth other than 6* fodder that, by the way, I can’t even ascend a toon to a 6* because of your lack of ascension tokens in the past month. Your system is broken.


I’m saving for a 10 pull. I like to get my disappointments all at once.


I like Cooper, I could care less for that Negan and Clementine. Also, we have to keep the new players in mind that start today or have only been here a week or month. I remember when I first started playing the game, I was happy to get “good” 3* toons. I got over excited when I seen a 4* toon. I lost my mind in happiness anytime I got a 5*. Not everything is designed for top 3 factions in across all the regions.

I get what you are saying though and how day 1 players and top 3 factions members are unhappy with all of this. Some of the 5* toons I pulled I like and will be keeping, but most of them are fodder. I have a lot of 5* fodder that I will be saving for level ups and survival road. When I don’t want them anymore then bye bye, using you up to get a 6*.