Honesty Bucket = money in the pocket

Thanks for publicly being honest about your business practices Scopely. I’m sure you can expect a lot more these in the next few days.


Did your coin balance go negative? Some people said theirs did and I was curious

Omg… wow.

How did you manage that I’ve tried with google and got denied

Good luck doing that with google play


Very curious how you got to the end result. Can you elaborate?

1.7K You could of bought jordans, a good pc setup. But at least you got your money back. Last thing Im buying is sc so these cooked cunts can gimme a good pull.

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I need to do this. I’m sure it’ll be more than that lol

Was this a lifetime refund?

How did you manage to do this? Whenever I refund through report a problem they say it’s not eligible?

I have been in conversation with amazon through email for the past 24 hours and surprisingly they are taking this very seriously and I should find out in the next 24 hours if they will grant me a full refund on every purchase I have made in game through them and all purchases of amazon coins that where used in game and if successful all I will say is it will be a substantial amount of money being returned to me.

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Holy shit congrats man. Now never spend again

Now you can buy half an s class

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