Honest review of Harvest Event from a mid spender ($30-100/mo)

Alright so let me preface this by saying I’m by no means perfect at this game, I’m sitting on a t12+ team and have been walled from progressing due to gear shortages, so I feel for everyone, however I feel that a majority of the posts on the forum are just flaming this event, and thus I thought I’d love to subject myself to this torture by giving my opinion on the event (up to this point).

Collection method - This, while not new, is still the same convoluted collecting something to collect another thing to redeem something in the museum. This is a turn off for a lot of new and veteran players as it’s fairly confusing and in the end not usually worth the work if we’re going off of the histogram. A straight linear roadmap or event mission would be received much better by your community and it might save on you guys coding (and help prevent future gates).

F2P vs. P2P- As a mild spender I can not say that I am free to play, however for the most part I have cut my spending massively since July, hardly doing more than the monthly pass and maybe a TapJoy offer if one is decent. That being said I would have to say that this event is primarily P2P, however F2P are more than able to complete it with grinding. I will admit I got lucky and hit the 25,000 tokens 3 times in 100 draws, however I hit 100 draws from grinding approximately 350 easy stages for banana splits, which inevitably unless your bucket is that terrible gives a net profit in maple leaves and banana splits.

Now I recognize not everyone can just sit for two hours and grind a stage over and over for bananas, but that just speaks to how this event gives you rewards based on effort (or money) put into it.

Event Mechanics - The event itself is very disengaging and somewhat monotonous. We as players get weekly gear maps up anyways that you can ACTUALLY farm instead of just a one time reward. The leaf prices per stage is absurd and requires people to think what type of gear they need most instead of the promised “Great gear rewards” we were told we were going to get. The trait requirement on epic/legendary gear is hard on those who are trying to farm gear for their teams that are fairly weak of the same trait, and that forces us to rely on faction help to pick up the slack. Finally, 15 minutes, while not a big deal for me, is a crunch for others who want to do 12 stages with lower ranked teams.

Rewards - Ahhh this subject is going to be touchy and volatile for this forum. Personally I believe that rewards are somewhat lackluster all around. I understand that scopely as a company does not want to oversaturate the game with gear as you’ll see a decrease in sales, however we as a community have already voiced many times over the past months that we are in a MASSIVE gear drought, most people not even leveling your “premier” S-class toons due to lack of gear or trainers. I am also in that group, sitting on t3 S-Laopo and t2 S-Araav/Hengyen due to lack of gear. Now how can that be changed or tweaked? How can we find a middle ground with this event?
-The prices of Elite/Ultra rare gear collections needs to be reduced. 30/55 bananas for a SINGLE elite/ultra rare gear respectively is asinine, a more manageable number might be 20/35 respectively.
-A museum collection with 6* gear similar to the doc shirts you guys did not too long ago needs to be added in so that we are able to actually complete your daily missions for this event. If you are worried about oversaturation make the banana split costs around 75 for epic gear and 100 for legendary gear and put a collection cap of 30 of each on them. This allows your player base to upgrade either a few 6*’s or a single S-class toon. This will promote activity in this event as well as help push us as a player base out of this stale red tank meta.

Synopsis: If you did read all the way through my wall of text thank you, I appreciate you taking the time. However I know a lot of people don’t want to or don’t have the time. In short: The Harvest Event has been somewhat lackluster, needs improved rewards, more engaging mechanics, but all in all is free to play, grind-able, and I appreciate it.



Completed everything today sitting on 10k tokens Event sucks


It won’t let me claim this for some odd reason

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To use lackluster for this event would be to hyperbolize the quality of rewards as being better than poor.
The reward for doing anything in this event is worse than poor they are simply pathetic


Stop spending on worthless items.
Lessons of the past should give you foresight to what they are planning.

Your spending mildly is costing every person misery.


FWIW, bronze scavenge tokens work.

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Not gonna lie I prefer using them on xp maps instead of this lol. I have a T2 attack team and it’s only one wave on easy so I could smash it.

Eh, I have well over 2k of them, because I mostly farm 25.8, which takes so much energy I can do it without tokens usually (and if I’m so busy that I can’t, I use silver/gold). This was a good chance to get some use out of them. Goes by much quicker this way; the longest part is exchanging the banana splits in the museum.

Not sure why people write up so much about an event. Every player can see it’s horrible. If this was presented to a focus group that plays the game they would say it’s awful.

But it’s not and scopely developers don’t care.


F2p? bull f***ing shit lol

Orange leafs part is f2p. Yellow leafs is a premium part.

Both parts suck.


Exactly so it’s not a f2p event like this dude is saying

If you just got their most recent screw up yellow leaves were F2P too lol

How were they ftp?

Maybe there was an exploit? People could get all of the collections for 3€, but that’s not exactly F2P is it.

Anyway, they’re F2P no matter what. Green Maple Leaves are in the daily missions, and you can use those in the Harvest Pass missions to get 22 Yellow Leaves. That allows you to do the Epic map twice, for four of each epic gear type, and two radios and watches total max. SC members get to do the daily missions twice and can choose between that twice, or Legendary gear.
People who bought the green leaves get to do it a lot more.

[ETA] Of course, that’s not a lot of gear. But some is accessible F2P-
[Edit] Now I went and confiused Green leaves an Green Maple Leaves, sorry. Should be fixed now

When they tried to fix the mess up between the green leaves they made maple the normal green leaves count as green maple leaves and brown count as regular green. Haven’t purchased anything for this event so far so idk how many people this was given to but I am an SC member if it matters.

That didn’t happen here. Did anyone else get this? Would be very interesting.

[ETA] This smells like Gate…

I have farmed it and am up on gear finally!! I’m glad to see a event with gear! Even players that work everyday like myself can obtain a ok amount of gear for minimal time. I got 25 k leaves right off the bat then twice more. Glad to see a easy event. Its appreciated!


YGL Wolff congrats

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Super super lucky. Most are not nearly that fortunate

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