Honest request for the PC

Regardless of all the bickering going on. I would hereby request two things that would benefit all of us.

A.) more player levels. This gives us something to look for to, we all like the prospect of gaining levels.

B.) please revamp and upgrade the daily survival road. It was originally designed for the 5* era. I was ridiculed for saying the 6* with mods would make the SR child’s play. Well now just about anyone who gives half an effort hasn’t maxed out SR400. I like the challenge of SR for testing my stuff.

And yes at times some of you know for my outlandish mouth, total temper tantrums and faction calling out! (Or entire regions) Foul mouthing and so forth! Anyways give my ideas some serious thought

A true sinner!!!


Player levels are already in the works prior to PC.

Everything simply needs an update whether it is in the mode itself or the reward you (should) play it for.

Remove the roster cap.


More ways to get smelling salts.


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