Honest piece of advice for Scopely

We know you don’t have the majority of staff working on a weekend, and too right, everybody is entitled to days off in the week.

But here’s the thing - when you release a new multiweek event, or change a fundamental piece of current gameplay (such as adding Hyengen cakes to the choice boxes) on a Friday, just before everybody goes home for the weekend, then there is nobody there to address the bugs and issues such as crashes etc. Currently we have the issue of; the wrong choice boxes being awarded in the Michonne event; crashes when opening particular boxes; some players still saying that they are continually getting the Secretary Guo adverts; players not achieving the FA mission for the Halloween event. When players create a ticket with support, they are getting generic ‘reply all’ responses from the skeleton weekend staff. This has happened event after event for a long long time now.

This leads to some anger from players who don’t realise that nobody will be at home to fix these things until Monday. It also leads to ridicule of your company, your devs and your communication department.

Everybody is entitled to their weekend, previous generations fought for this right with their Labour Unions, and as a self identified Democratic Socialist, I would never hold it against you. Go out (or stay in) and enjoy your weekend however you damn well like.

But for the love of Odin Scopely…

Learn to set multiweek events and changes to gameplay on a Monday and not a Friday. For your benefit as much as anyone else’s.


Actually I do hold it against them, I’m sure it’s within their budget to keep a few people over the weekend, if not just one Dev to help things go smoothly.

The weekend I assume is their primary earning days for the week they should have staff on hand to make sure it goes smoothly for their customers.


Fair point, but if they aren’t going to staff the weekend properly, then they need to be making releases at the start of the week not on a Friday.

I just picture them fleeing their offices on Friday at 5pm like children do at the sound of the last bell of the day.



That’s not just children. Us teachers do the same :stuck_out_tongue:

(On a Friday - definitely not on any other day!)

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Also… 5pm? Jeez wouldn’t want to teach there! Already at the pub at least half a pint deep by that point on a Friday.

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I’m sure these guys are capable of logging on remotely if necessary. If anyone remembers WendyGate they fixed that within hours of it happening and I doubt someone had to drive to the office to do it.

A lot of the time making corrections or changes on the fly could effect other aspects and create more issues than intended

Another fair point.
But on the flip side of the coin, I absolutely will not respond to work emails on a weekend (unless it is a child safe guarding issue).
I work to live, not live to work. So it would be hypocritical of me personally if I expected others to have to work their weekends.

I manage a highrise condominium building so I’m on call 24/7 365 days a year so I knew that going into the job. They could easily give a day of during the week and have a couple people work on Saturday. The customer service would go a long way

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Completely agree. They definitely should. But if they won’t, then they need to be doing releases early week.

Also - 24/7 365 on call sounds brutal!

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