Holy hard hordes!

Unless i get someone who hasnt set up defense teams yet i cant beat anyone. I will continue to play but definitely not going to pay, i personally like hordes mode a lot but damn it is hard and the rewards… You have got to be kidding me lol

I am in platinum and have a few good cards like fog machinesb a shield, decaps, etc but still i am unable to kill these teams, i will keep playing and try to find the right combos of horde cards but imho if this is going to be this hard with these rewards, i see this failing like onslaught.

Of course the whales will spend, they buy everything, they’ll just spend thru as they do with all events and get the crappy josh toon that they will spend on gear, etc to max him out and not even use him but the majority of the player base i dont see this catching on as an event people will spend or grind for and i see more people using horde events as time off from the game which imo sucks as we NEED new events! The constant level ups, raids and sr is draining of resources and boring. While i still very much like hordes in the sense i find it interesting, a new mode compared to others and a new event from the constant repeated events, i am let down by the rewards and difficulty of hordes and i see no reason to spend or grind. I will play it as i need to for my faction and for leagues and cause as i said i find it interesting but geez what a let down. :sob:

Please not the common bandwagon of people of “lets hate the new event cause its popular to hate it” its ok to have your own opinions, you dont always have to follow the horde :rofl: see what i did there? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

How is hordes for you?

  • I absolutely hate hordes!
  • I absolutely love hordes!
  • Hordes needs improvement
  • Hordes is fine how it is
  • Theres a horde of walkers?! :scream:
  • Im a whale and will just spend no matter what
  • Im spending cause i really like hordes
  • Wallet is closed but i will play hordes
  • Wallet is closed and its vacation time

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Hope they take the feedback and make changes for the next time. Admittedly it does have potential to be a refreshing tournament.


That poll is sick


It’s ok, can’t win much, wish there was a raid tourny, gonna get demoted because if this


Take it down now so we can still have war fix it on another date lol


To sum up what I’ve said elsewhere. It’s fresh and promising, even enjoyable, but 3 main improvements need to be made in my opinion, in order of importance:

  1. Rewards. A multi-day, weekend tourney should not follow the minimalist trophy structure of rank rewards.
  2. Quicker energy refresh. Especially as it’s new, I think people aren’t happy they’ve made 6 attacks, still don’t understand/found their stride and now they’re out for essentially 6 hours
  3. Not mine but @Dr_Dank’s refresh button, especially if energy’s slow and scarce don’t make me face some high rank dude

They could’ve done it more like Sr levels

It’s challenging and fun but just the fact that you face s9 teams and you literally start from the bottom

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Like I said the first time after I played it in the beta. It’s not good but it’s not as bad as I thought it would be.

Pros and Cons:


  • Rewards are poor.
  • The stash is a joke.
  • I see no reason to spend any real money here.
  • Balance is way off.
  • It’s just not any fun.
  • Once again too much rng (cards)
  • Full of bugs for some


  • It’s new
  • Seems bug-free (spoke too soon. see below)
  • Zambies!
  • Can someone help me over here? I’m fresh out. :wink:

If only it could have been predicted, a few weeks ago

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I can’t beat any team. It’s too technical imo. I will not be spending anything on it. Epic failure that is frustrating and discouraging to even attempt.


i see this as the true test cause i can use my real teams and im in my normal leagues unlike beta where i was limited.

Also we see now the rewards that will be offered for this event

Game resets every time i try to set my defense… what a joke.


So much for bug-free. I should probably scratch it from the pro list. :smirk:

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Hope they’re watching this and planning on shutting this trash down before my entire faction opts out of rts and life


it is ok friend it is a game for fun but maybe a break away from it is good so you can have fun again on it

Well they made caps and jackets disappear from the league store so already messed something up

its very unbalanced and boring zombies die before i get to my enemy


They were gone but they are back in my store now and the reset times are where they should be. Give it a little time and you should see yours come back as well. I was kinda hoping that they would reset so I could save some time.

What I don’t like is knowing whatever I pull isn’t even mine. I just can’t get excited about pulling a good walker or item if they just disappear at the end anyways. I think this is a fatal flaw in an event built around collecting stuff.