Holly "Too Many Revives" Video

A new approach is here to beat our enemies. Let’s not allow the enemy to gain any AP and have a match where they just smack us with basic attacks for the most part. Meet Holly everyone!


Love the saltiness. I imagine having holly as an enemy would just not be any fun at all, while having her as an ally would make things… also no fun at all. She’s just too powerful.

Ran into two so far. Both on Lydia teams, no issues

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That’s not surprising , no salt here but you ain’t exactly the common man here lol

Do you have wayland?

Who’d you use?

He used the whale



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No ap on their weapons yet so she’s a turn slower than she would be.

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She’s susceptible to yellow led rick teams because of focus but your going to need wayland, which the average player doesn’t have. I assume bane does though.

Exactly easy target to build ap

She was dead before said turn

I do not have wayland

I believe 4 of these have been free via a token wheel? Maybe only 3


Don’t worry lvl up rick is here to save the day…

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Lol, thank you… I think

Need a disarm in my life. Just pulled Marlon and he’s pretty fantastic. Do you have stun or AP down on Anna? Haven’t used her much because I can’t get the mod I want.

Same I killed her pretty easily.

Kate the real mvp

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Neither, left the attack up chance