Holly To The Nerf

Will Holly Certain be to the nerf?


heh stop dreaming this is a new meta xD you need swallow it or quit it becouse from now its going to be even more harder


Hope I have it is certain

My my morale for war just dropped when i heard all of those wallets opening and people logging onto VK

Wouldnt be that bad if FTP guys got a few decaps to keep these revives dead, but nope all they get is tyreese who gets merked by all the yellow shields and revives anyway

im thinking scopely just want everyones money to plough into their new star trek game where they think no one will know what they are like


idk isn’t she kind of like Carl but with ap gain? more clones this gets boring.

Funy thing is everyone cried that blue mich was op she got one now we have so many op toons wheres the balance? seeing copy so many other games and failed how about look at their balance


Revive, guardian, multi turn healing, and elusive for 2 turns. She’s going to be game breaking.

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Yeah didn’t really care to read much for her buy 2 and get Elusive for every1 right. Stop spending people Doubt they nerf her

Relax people, y’all got it all wrong. You need four more cards to play exodia

They really need to make more free decaps, this is out of hand.

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Well, that’s certain.

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S10 incoming.

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Why are they trying to kill the gme so hard @JB.Scopely


I know what I’m returning to.


Been playing that, too.
Need to stop using my CLS team.
It’s hard though since I’ve maxed him with gear, zetas, and mods.

Rey is my only max and that’s due to the Google play bonus shards they were giving as a bonus.

Rey is good, but best under JTR.

Every new toon is considered “game breaking” on this forum, yet here we all sit. This game has become nearly impossible to play as a F2P player. You just have to know your place in the RTS worldand be content. Can we also stop calling for toons to be “nerfed”? Every week with this! No. They should NOT “nerf” something that someone PAID for. Thats childish. Spend or don’t spend. That’s on you, but don’t call for this company to screw someone else because you’re unhappy. How is that fair? Instead you should be asking for them to stop releasing these toons every week… or get people to stop plunking down the dough for them… that’s not likely to happen either… keep on SPENDviving!!


shut up whale


I’m a Prestige 11 that’s been playing since the beginning. Lmao