Holly on offense atk team ideas please

I recently pulled holly after three big pulls but really want to use her on offense for ap control not sure who she would do good with .

I don’t see your Andrea but I would consider doing that Carl lead, yellow shiva,holly, (ascend siddque for command asap)and ascend ty for decapitate asap
If u do have Andrea somewhere u could do Andrea lead, holly,carl,sid,erika.


I have no suggestions. Only came here to hate on you bc you got holly and i didn’t


Damn I did 3 big pulls and then some and still didn’t get holly smh… you do the same number of pulls or less and end up getting her. SMDH Wow

Carl Shiva Sid Holly aris

I like the first team setup but do you think ill have enough damage with just shiva and ty good thing about holly is enemy andrenaline rush wont be going off for rounds 2 and 3 then i can clean up with ty not to mention shivas bleed kills

Sid will do a few things, 1.) Command 2.) Has confuse active to help get around shields 3.) Is around tank and does decent damage 4.)also gives ap when he goes off so I think he’s a must. Shiva and ty obviously your hitters. The other toon you have that does great damage is alpha with a double attack weapon with crit on it she’s amazing. However I don’t know if who I’d take out to replace. Ty is needed for all the revives, you really want that decap. So best suggestions are to get those 2 ascended and then play around with the different setups see what seems to work best.

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Use with a command turn 2 and then you just shut them off for 2 turns.

bCarl bHolly bSiddiq
Bring yAris and yShiva to deal the damage.

Blue andrea 6s would be a preferred leader for more killing but you can only do what you can do.

35+ crit. h atk. bonus hp.

that should get her firing ars and throwing up gshields periodically behind carl lead. elusive will make the cpu focus holly but youll have that bonus hp trait to keep her from falling too quickly. also in the meantime work abs for aris. that will make her that much more menacing in those proposed setups.

erika holly carl siddiq and alpha

forgot to put up an example i had in mind for ya. work on getting yourself a second aris and then go in getting abs on both. you literally can make yourself this setup with just a bit of luck from 5s tokens. all the hard to get pieces are take cared of lol. this is a fun auto setup being that you have insurance policies in place that make if difficult to lose on most matches. been play testing it and can attest that this setup is legit on atk with x3 auto.

carl: 35def. h atk. impair.
aris: 35def. h atk. abs.
holly: 35 crit. h atk. bonus hp.
aris. 35def. h atk. abs.
shiva: 35def. 30hp. bleed.

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I have seen her on defence be a pain with hp gain when being attacked

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