Holiday Event Review!

Looks like this could be lots of work for very little payout , unless things change later on in the event!
Review is with @Goddess


Thank you for this.

@kalishane you need to take this to the team, this is the general consensus.


Agreed… What’s the point anymore…

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I think most people have been holding out for this and its going to be the final straw with most unless they pull something out of the bag and quick.

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Never did I think there would be a company more out of touch and greedy than EA… good god…


I’ve been holding out for 6* Gator, personally.

Disappointing events are not what’s killing the game for me. Cheaters are. Top faction in my region is full of them, and we’ve more or less given up competing against them.

An unwinnable battle should be avoided. My final straw will be seeing a year go by where cheaters prosper.

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As it stands, this event feels like being 10 and only getting socks and underwear for Christmas, maybe some of the other days will bring something better, but with scopely I doubt it.


Free Wyatt is enough for me. Pretty good event.


We all need the gear for our 6* but a few toons in the wheel would have been nice :confused:

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Can you imagine farming these roadmaps and raiding for mistletoe for 12 days straight and then ending up with 1 frigging knife sheath?
This wheel is absolute bullshit. The worst event you’ve ever done. Thanks scopely, this is a right kick in the balls for everyone.


Impossible to say without knowing the availability of mistletoe.

I do like that so far items are farmable (with relatively low cost and decent xp) but at 12,000 the cost is too high for more RNG as a result. If it were TRULY random, wouldn’t be quite as bad, but we all know how these work out in this game.

Having said that, I appreciate that there is no garbage on that wheel that we can simply create ourselves, like most other events so far.

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This Winter event sucks so bad. None of the winter event leaked toons may be available for free. The payout will be unfair for many players since it may not reflect the work they put in for farming every day. RNG is the worst thing you can put in an event if everyone does the same amount of work. Since there are 22 days to this event and you can only get 1 toy robot a day, let’s say you can get a maximum of 2 pulls from a wheel. The worst thing you could earn (but with a 2/3 chance) is a trait gear bag. Now let’s say the odds are weighted within the bag and you are most likely to get only 1 piece of T3 gear. If you’re unlucky, you’ll end up with only 2 pieces of T3 gear from 22 days of farming. They should’ve at least guarantee getting you what you want like the last winter event (even though there was still RNG, you were guaranteed a 5*)


So are we only getting 1 pull from this wheel? Or will these robots be prizes in eventa and milestones. Because u can only collect the daily reward 1x which is kinda ridiculous. And then it takes 12 robots for the tokens that u need 12 of. 12 days of the event…leads me to believe there will only be 1 pull and if u miss a day u don’t get to pull… @kalishane can I get verification on this?


EA look like the most amazing company compared to Scopely. Absolutely frightening.


Terrible event. Luckily it’s not underwhelming anymore cuz the game is in a terrible place anyhow.

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at least there are no 4* on the wheel of despair

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Disappointing to say the least

Mistletoe are in raid drops

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Scopes has been in full “Hold my beer” rampage mode lately.