Holiday Books.... so

What’s up with those? Haven’t seen how to get them in my game.

what holiday bags

I meant books. Looks like they are only for purchase.

They are only for purchase. It’s a premium event.

Any clue if they are all the same price? If so it’s not a bad deal for a solid revive toon.

Typically they scale the cost upwards. First couple seem cheap that way they suck you in but by the 4th or 5th the price gets pretty high but since you’ve already gone down the rabbit hole you keep going to finish it off.


last year they did a 12 days of christmas offer this is nothing new

Yeah… 8.99 today, who knows what it will be as time goes by. That’s the only reason why I don’t bother with these sort of things. Once you start, you can’t really stop.

Solid revive toon? Where? Erika?

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Not in the S class meta for defense but if you need a revive for attack, her and Holly are reasonably useful.

Also useful for roadmaps and sr stages, but thats about it. Still a terrible offer though.

Holly is still viable with the right team. I use Priya lead, Christa, Holly, Regina, and Kapoor. Priya, Christa, and Holly all at 30 levels of rings each, Regina at 15. Works against almost everything but the whaliest team.

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I actually really want a 5 star erika for old school arenas. But, not willing to buy her for that lol

If its 8.99 for one u need 9 of those. But this company Jacks up such offers exponentially…

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