Hold the phone... Alpha chainsaw edition?


Lol what is this? It’s awesome



Oh so thicc


Is that toon real?


Yes I just got her in my beta stash


Pretty sure it was leaked to come out in the near future.


Has to be something in beta.


Weapon has double attack, her ar hits all adjacent, and she’s a decap specialist. She’s a awesome toon.


Yeah she’s a promo I’m interested in
This alpha is the one that ya know adds a lot of value to melee yellows beware because when she goes of boom your ded


Anyone have a SS of AR and skills?


Best I have sorry


Sweet thanks!


Here’s a vid I did with a few raids with her. She’ll need to be used on offense with an atk lead or someone like Glen or Heath to boost atk or else you’ll have to use her active skill before rush or else she’ll just charge AP


Her attack is almost 2k that’s pretty good. Adding attack to her chainsaw seems like it would be enough to make her a killer.


Yep that’s my thoughts. No doubt yellows will suffer but not feeling the others


That stash looks awesome how does it work? Can you keep her now? How can i join Beta :wink:


Could be some nice synergy with her and Connor


The more important question, I’m asking myself is, where/when are we going to get her on the live servers.

She could be an event char, seeing that she has little to no use on defence. And seeing that we have been given pretty solid attacking chars in the past.

But here I am this late in the game with wishful thinking.

Could this be an event toon? @kalishane
@discobot fortune


:crystal_ball: Don’t count on it


Yeah we get to keep all the toons but on the beta server only so it’s no fun really. You can go to settings in game and then support. There’s info on beta and how to join.


Idk her defense is not all that high. In terms of a glass cannon she reminds me of Andrea .