Hoards no rewards?

Leaks iv seen from beta & vk show yet another new event with no rewards structure no milestones or rank rewards just like the bs with onslaught

Scopely care to answer why you think people will spend on a regardless event?

There were milestones in the beta but no faction rewards unless you count getting to open a pack that consists of three cards when a specified faction score is reached.


So you are prejudging the event before it’s even out…oh wait. Nevermind, this is the internet…carry on.


Think he was asking a question but wait… this is the wrts forums here your not aloud to do that.


Boom! Mic dropped! :microphone:


Hoards??.. i thought it was hordes?

Or is this british slang for a buttload of ladies of the night?

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There were milestones. Besides it’s pretty fun so I wouldn’t even mind if there weren’t any rewards (Scopely don’t take this out of context, I do want the milestones to stay).


Regardless of what?


Only thing wrong with faction onslaught is no milestone rewards structure. If this one at least has that can see it being bad.
No longer have beta thank feck so haven’t tried it out but looks abit like planet v zombies or clash of clans type game setup is it?
Il deffo give it ago all the same.

But if you collect lots and lots of walkers, are you hoarding hordes?

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The reward structure has been anoiced to be event tokens to a stash
Only bad thing about the mode is the energy be in g like raid energy for a extra 100 coins
It also promotes the idea getting to higher leagues.

Why tf would they take league tokens out of lvl ups though, dumbest thing I’ve seen in 10 mins from scopely, you got people scrambling for league tokens in lvl ups and then take em away in favor of a new event that looks dumb af btw and gives you nothing for your roster…BRILLIANT!!!

You use your roster to make a defense team, so your roster is involved

And there were league tokens in the level up so I don’t know what you are on about there

errr, I think you need to look about 2 cm higher on your screen. Leagues tokens are definitely still there…

Sorry bane you’re right, my mistake they took away all other tokens, elite item/5* tokens that are usually there but its bullshit, those are milestone rewards, horde markers are gonna be for an event that gives you nothing to add like onslaught so ya they fkd us no matter what kinda tokens they took away for this horde bs that looks dumb af

I understand that Scopley has not had a good track record in the past when it comes to new content. IDK if the Hordes will have milestones or rewards, I didn’t play the Beta. It is a solo tourney so I assume there will be a structure similar to a solo raid.
One feature I do like (even as a whale) is the card deck resets every tournament. Keeps the rich from getting richer and the poor from getting poorer (if that is a word)

I am, and always will be, the optimist, cant help it. So I am looking forward to this and the WoC the following weekend.

There was 2k elite item tokens for reaching 2 million btw, which, is bull shit as well

Lots of changes this week, wheels changed too and most for the worse not the better from what i can see, the only positive change i see is the ar bar which has pissed off some heavy spenders cuz now they losing raids to some very active f2p players they’d normally beat, yall may see it differently being that you’re in older regions but I’m on a newer account in a region thats maybe 6 months old and there’s only really a few good factions left, it’s already starting to die off because of these shitty solo event collections and being tossed into leagues and crw against 3 year old regions…scopely really needs to get their shit together…oh and not that it’s much but nobody in this region got the first purchase 5* glenn either, been argueing with scopely about that for a while now cuz i got it as a first purchase bonus in every region I’ve had an account in except this one, why is it so hard for them to understand that new regions should get that too and also should have a grace period of at least 6 months before being thrown to the wolves and also why give new regions s9 road maps…they really need to get their shit together andches i agree with the food buying max good too

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I like that you can test your own defense. They need to add this to duels.
The event looks like it could get quite boring like most everything once the newness wears down. I am not super excited because past history shows they won’t do much to update and keep current like most other features.

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Yeah, maybe you should play something else.

You could always check AP gain on toons by hard pressing the toon so not sure how AP bar makes someone win when they couldn’t before