Hoardes shortage- Intentional?

In an event over 30 days, why do we only have one hoardes event? There has been plenty of opportunity over the last 3-4 weeks to throw in a hoardes during the week, seeing as only two events (lvl up and solo Survival road) have been running. Since milestones require 132 battles, it’s clear that players will have to use a considerable amount of cans-even if they do not sleep for the entire duration.

Scopely in 2019 have been much more calculated in creating more shortages in both time and resources during free events. Specifically to events appearing as free on first glance.

Last war wheel the final 3 weeks had 0 wars, forcing players to either spend money or coins to get their final pull. Other players just let their tokens expire. The sandy-Bruce even with completing the roadmaps daily and doing 500-1000 raids, still players would be short on wheels. Not just that, keys were also non existent for most of the duration.

Prove the community wrong- add an additional hoardes event before the missions event concludes. Even 66 attacks per event is a fair amount for most players and they will still need to use some cans… Show the community you’re willing to listen to feedback.


They’ve already said there will only be one event, and a 24 hour one at that. Yes, it’s intentional.


The least they could do would be to lower the milestones but we are talking about the same company that thinks 30,000 wars is achievable

For 15 masks lol.


almost everything is intentional. they aren’t as stupid as they pretend to be


They should extend the hordes event to a few days(just so I can sleep)

The only ones who are stupid are the people who keep buying (literally) into this bs.


And people will still not lower defense so they can try to get an extra uselysses.

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Pretty sure you’ll be able to duel yourself and flee and it will count, knock it out pretty quick

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It’s intentional given that they have been told this by the player base the from the start of the event. And the community manager has said there will only be one horde event.

They keep setting up events to fail for the only reason I see to make players so frustrated they quit.
Scopleys main problem with this game is to many still play after 2 til 4 years and without using cash. F2p is a problem. Look at every move they make with how do they make money, short crossbones we will sell you them, can’t finish the road maps don’t worry we will sell you everything you need to get this free toon at the price of a 40 your welcome.
The dev team at scopley dont care about you or this game, just money they are a sales team selling time shares of pixels.

Scopely already said that dueling yourself will count so you won’t need cans. Just put up a bad defense and finish it quick

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No jb said this on line, which isn’t official and could be changed, just like when he said there would be 2 horde events and then said he was wrong and said sorry.

Yes I know there’s mean to be an official line group now but until its in print here it don’t count.


Whaaaaa? That’s amazing if true… any idea where bit was said?

Their best idea is just to have us play with ourselves.


One this Wednesday and one next Monday. It’s still really low for the missions set

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Everything in game is intentional! What some would think are bugs are features. Territory reset makes little money, so spice the pot with resets if territory is really want spend too get refills. Locked out of your account didn’t spend no receipt, start new and make sure you stay paying. Raiding but losing all 6 energy, buy a refill to win 1 out of the 6, not good enough for you to win 1 out 6? Spend money for some rng luck at good character.
I could go on and on, but remember it is all intentional. No money spent no feature fixed!

Pro Tip. Look at the calendar before moaning about the lack of upcoming events. We’ve got an extra Hordes next week too.

What’s that? Two 24 hour events are still likely to be insufficient to hit 132 Battles? Yeah probably, but when has Scopely had sufficient knowledge of their own game to set realistic targets?

I will even if others dont🤗

You realize the calendar was updated a couple days after the original post, there was originally one scheduled. So my pro tip to you- comment on updated content not older/irrelevant posts

It’s on purpose. They hope that we’ll be desperate enough to buy a whole bunch of energy cans.

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thanks for the reminder that I needed to get those cans from the league shop!